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Cycling is a complete sport activity that involves all parts of the body, especially the calves and thighs. In addition, the organ that benefits most from this exercise is the heart. Indeed, it is muscle and strengthens thanks to the increase of heart rate. In the long term there is also an improvement in respiratory capacity and a reduction in recovery time. Through this article we will come back with Alexis Kuperfis, passionate about that sport, on the health benefits of cycling.

The health benefits of cycling

A very popular sporting activity, cycling only has a few contraindications. Nevertheless, its benefits are very numerous and it can be exerted at any age. Among these advantages for health, we noticed:

–          A decrease in blood pressure and an increase in respiratory capacity

–          A reduction of heaviness in the legs, because the venous return increases with pedalling

Cycling also contributes to reducing the risk of osteoporosis by helping to develop bone capital and increase calcium in the bones. In addition, it helps to limit the risks of many metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol, because the regular practice contributes to efficiently fight fat.

How to become familiar with cycling?

Before going into cycling, take the time to familiarize yourself with your bike. Alexis Kuperfis recommends you to start by walking a few meters beside the bike, in order to test how it works. This step allows you to learn about cycling and to get to know your bike.

To practice, the ideal would be to choose a quiet and peaceful place, a zone without pedestrian or car traffic.

Before making your first tests, do not forget to adjust the bike seat. In order to learn safely, it has to be not too high or not too low. Your legs must be flexed and your feet have to touch the ground.

Continue to go to parks and quiet places to exercise quietly and control your bike. In order to perfect your practice, you should first succeed in a few exercises, such as precision braking, trajectory control, gear shifting, low-speed balance, etc.

You will be able to ride on a road with traffic in the city only when you will be able to easily do all these exercises.

Find your speed

Like many other sporting activities, it matters to adapt your cycling efforts as well. The exercise always has to be progressive. Do not drive too fast or too slowly. Speed is in itself a relative concept. It depends on many factors, such as the difficulty of the route or the weather. This is why it is important during the first exercises to choose a flat and quiet place.