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The first thing to do when you come back from a mountain ride is to clean your bike. Alexis Kuperfis, a keen of cycling and mountain biking, explains us how to clean a bike properly. Follow these instructions carefully.

The washing is done directly after the ride

In order to wash your mountain bike, it is essential to use a water-jet and just ban the high-pressure cleaners. Indeed, they could damage your bike or remove the oil necessary for its proper functioning (fork, headset, bottom bracket, etc.). If it is covered with mud, wash it immediately after your mountain ride. Do not wait several days because mud will dry out and you may scratch the frame.

In order to wash the frame, you could use a soft brush. Of course, it is recommended to avoid hard or metal brushes. You can also use a degreasing dishwashing. First, start with the frame by rubbing it softly. Do not forget the corners where mud can stick and also the suspension, the fork and under the headset.

Secondly, clean the tires by rotating them. Do not forget the other side of the bike. Finally, rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of dishwashing liquid. The water jet should not be too strong. Professionals even recommend to use a bicycle care product spray with the help of a sponge. For rinsing, they use a bucket of water or a watering can in order to avoid any risk of damaging the mountain bike.