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Mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts often seek to optimize their bikes to improve their performance. As a result, they often wonder which parts to change on their mountain bike? Alexis Kuperfis gives us all the details.

The rolling process

The first thing to improve on a mountain bike is simply the ride, i.e. the wheels. It is indeed, the first component that must be changed or optimized. If you have the resources, you should select better wheels, otherwise it is possible to tighten the radius, lubricate the freewheel body and inflate its shock absorbers well in accordance with its weight and the ground. These small operations on the transmission allow you to improve your bike without spending a lot of money. 


To make your mountain bike as easy to handle as possible, you must first make it more fluid. This is done through the wheels, but also through the transmission: chain, cassette, fork. These elements must always be clean and lubricated. Also, the fork must be properly tightened to prevent the bike from vibrating. 

Lighten your bike

The weight of a bicycle is very important. The lighter it is, the more efficient it will be. To gain in performance, you can therefore act on a few elements of your bike to make it lighter. Besides, it’s not that complicated and it’s not very expensive.

If your ATV does not come with tubeless tires and rims, invest now in a pair of valves and latex to switch your tires to tubeless. This will save you between 100 and 200 grams, depending on the weight of the original tubes. Moreover, the operation only takes 10 minutes, so why deprive yourself? Advantages of tubeless: reduced risk of punctures, better grip, reduced rolling resistance, etc.

The points of support

If the original support points of your bike (grips and bike seat) do not suit you, it is very easy to change them. For the bike seat, go to the store and try several to find the one that suits you. You can also take back the bike seat from your old bike, if you like it.

For grips, Alexis Kuperfis recommends silicone models, lighter than the original grips, they are very comfortable and offer good grip, even in wet weather. Moreover, it is a lower investment. Count about 20€ for silicone grips.

Finally, it should be noted that, for your bike to perform as well as possible, it is necessary to take care of it. After each outing, clean it and remember to keep it in good condition.