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Road cycling may seem to be an easily accessible sportive activity. However, road cycling is a different discipline with its own rules. Many cyclists ignore them at the beginning and therefore end up making serious mistakes, by wanting to skip some stages. Thus, this sport is mainly based on regularity and a good methodology in order to progress. In this article, Alexis Kuperfis, a cycling enthusiast, reveals some basic rules in order to avoid the most common mistakes.

The choice of the bike

Remarkably narrow wheels, automatic plates and pedals, gears at the front of the handlebars and no suspension, the road bike differs from city bike or mountain bike by far. In order to get used to it and to know how to ride it, there is nothing magical about it: you have to go out and pedal regularly.

But before getting into road cycling, it matters to carefully choose your bike. Obviously, there are bicycles much more expensive than others, which makes the task even harder. For Alexis Kuperfis, if you really want to start this activity, it is better to invest in a good middle range bike. It will be lighter, equipped with a reliable speed system. As this is an important investment, keep your eyes on destocking and end-of-season sales.

Start road cycling well

Finally, you bought your bike! It’s time for your first ride. Take it easy, because road cycling is a bit like learning how to drive, at first you are afraid, then by practicing, you get used to it.

The principle is to try to drive by maintaining a good position, for instance, you can ride by holding the handles at the front, this method will not only allow you to adopt a more aerodynamic position but also to gain more comfort and in speed.

For your beginning, Alexis Kuperfis recommends you to start with little trips around the city, in order to get used to the traffic. Moreover, the city tours, thanks to the presence of numerous red lights, will also allow you to learn how to clip and unclip. It will also get you used to changing gears and controlling your bike.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, road cycling mainly relies on regularity. Thus you have to keep in mind that a two-week break can require a month or more to take back the same pace. To conclude, if you really want to progress, you have to do things in order, without skipping stages.