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Mountain biking has undeniably metamorphosed the concept of “cycling”. Taking advantage of the popularity of mountain biking, manufacturers have been constantly innovating to make stronger, lighter mountain bikes capable of overcoming the most difficult terrain. However, in the magma of mountain bike brands available on the market today, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Alexis Kuperfis, a great ATV enthusiast, unveils the top 5 best ATV brands in the world!

#1 Yeti

If there’s one brand of mountain bike that cyclists prefer over all others, it’s Yeti. Founded in 1985 and currently based in Golden, Colorado, this company is owned by cyclists and has a long history of mountain bike racing. The brand has a strong reputation for attracting and encouraging young talent to become cyclists (some of the best known examples include John Tomac, Jared Graves, Richie Rude, Aaron Gwin and Julianna Furtado). Yeti’s most popular models are the SB100, SB130 and SB150.

#2 Kona

Founded in 1988, Kona Bicycle Company is one of the best ATV brands in the world. The brand takes particular pride in the fact that it has remained independent, in that it still belongs to its original founders, Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron. Another important fact about Kona is that its employees are all passionate mountain bikers who use their experience when designing their models.

#3 GT

“GT Bicycles” owes much of its fame to its founder, Gary Turner, who was one of the pioneers of modern BMX bikes, creating a much more durable GT frame. Later, GT Bicycles became famous for its triple triangle designs, which made the rear end of its mountain bike much stiffer and more durable, allowing it to tackle the most difficult terrain. The first thing people think of when they hear the name GT is speed, and for good reason: GT ATVs are among the fastest models on the market. We particularly recommend the “VTT GT Verb”, a high quality model with all the features of a high-end ATV, for an ultra reasonable price.

#4 Cannondale

“Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was founded in 1971 and is considered a pioneer in the manufacture of carbon fiber frames. Owned by Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries, Cannondale has recently focused its attention on creating ATVs that can operate both uphill and downhill. They are known for their extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum, making Cannondale one of the best ATV brands in terms of technology used.

#5 Trek

Trek started in the mid-70’s as a small project of Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg and quickly became one of the best ATV brands in the world. The brand has more than 1,700 dealerships in the United States alone. Trek ATVs are renowned for their quality and especially their endurance. In addition, their hybrid bikes combine several different aspects into one bike.