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Alexis Kuperfis, a mountain bike enthusiast, reveals the things you absolutely need to know before you get into this sport. All these tips are intended for beginners.

Don’t leave without packing your bag

Before leaving for the wilderness, it is important to prepare your bag well to make up for any unforeseen circumstances. So you have to take it with you:

– A multi-tool is the base to have in your bag. It allows you to tighten the various screws on the mechanical part of your bike.
– An inner tube and a pump in case of a puncture.
– Food, water and food to provide you with energy when you go out.
– Your mobile phone that will allow you to call for help in case of an emergency. Tip: Activate the location of your device.

Before leaving, it is also important to check your tire pressure.

Adjust your seat properly

The seat of your bike should not be too low. To adjust it properly, your legs must be quite straight on your pedals, but must keep a slight curve in your knee.

Pedaling “round”

First technical advice to improve your mountain biking skills: pedal “round”. It is not enough to simply press the pedals to move forward. Indeed, you have to push on a pedal while pulling up the second one with your foot.
This technique allows you to have a constant movement, which improves your performance. In addition, when you reach a certain level, applying this technique from the beginning will allow you to get ahead of beginners who have developed bad habits.

The braking process

Beginners often brake by pulling the lever with two fingers. This small detail is very important, because by holding the brakes with two fingers, your grip on the handlebars is less precise. In the event of repeated shocks, there is therefore a greater risk that your hand will slip off the guide, causing a fall. In addition, with two fingers, braking is much less precise. Braking with a finger helps to better balance the braking.

Finally, to be most effective and avoid any risk of falling, do not brake in corners but before.