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With the arrival of winter, outings outside on weekends are rare. But for cycling enthusiasts, cold weather is not going to stop them from practising their favourite sport. For Alexis Kuperfis, a mountain bike enthusiast, you just have to adapt your outfit to be able to ride in spite of the winter temperatures. First of all, know that below 10 to 12 degrees, the combo, summer clothing plus cuffs and leggings is not enough. And there’s no point in putting on five layers of different clothing because it can be very uncomfortable. It prevents you from breathing properly and you’re going to sweat a lot, and that’s not the point at all.

When you start your outing, it’s normal to be a little cold at first. When you make an effort your body produces heat and you will warm up very quickly. But if you don’t feel cold at the beginning, when you start riding, fifteen later you literally burst with heat. Well, to both get out on your bike in the winter and keep your body warm and comfortable during the ride, here are some clothing tips.

How to dress comfortably?

Alexis Kuperfis’ first advice is to always wear long shorts, it will make your life a lot easier. It offers the advantage of sheathing the muscles during the exercises and improving venous return. In addition, blood circulation is increased, so you have less toxins in the muscles and your physical performance is much greater.

As far as the upper body is concerned, this is where things get a little more complex. We’re going to talk about the three-layer principle. It consists of first putting a layer close to the body that will allow the body to breathe and evacuate perspiration. Then a jacket to keep warm and a third layer that will cut off the wind and rain. Depending on the need, you can completely adapt it : and sometimes two layers may be enough.

Protect the extremities of your body

When it is cold, the head, hands and feet tend to get cold very quickly. And this can quickly become very painful. To protect them, first of all to protect your head, you have special cycling caps that you can wear in winter. They will keep your head warm. But avoid woollen hats, as they are unpleasant when you sweat. Instead, wear a scarf around your neck if your jacket doesn’t go up very high.

Concerning the hands, you really should not neglect them. Wear big gloves that are designed for winter to protect you from the cold and keep control of the bike. Concerning the feets, what you need to bring along are shoe covers that help cut the wind and keep your feet warm.

Last advice from Alexis Kuperfis, when you ride your bike in winter, you don’t feel thirsty much. In any case much less than in summer. However, it is still vital to have a bottle of water on your bike. Remember to stay hydrated because when you sweat, you constantly lose fluids.