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For many students, sports can be a real vocation. For cycling enthusiasts who want to turn their favorite sport into a professional career, Alexis Kuperfis presents the training courses that will allow them to do just that.

Becoming a cyclist: the qualities required

The first requirement for a high level career in cycling is to start early. From a young age, the aspiring cyclist will have to join an amateur club and, ideally, get noticed in regional races to join a professional team. It is important to know that the latter develop partnerships with their amateur counterparts each year to recruit their best elements in France. Obviously, the selection process is very demanding, just like in other sports where competition is tough.

Second prerequisite, and not the least: endurance. This is the main quality of a professional cyclist. To achieve this, he must follow an intensive training program, coupled with a healthy and balanced diet. In short, you must have an impeccable lifestyle.

Training to become a professional cyclist

Contrary to what one might think, intensive training, a healthy lifestyle, sacrifices… are sometimes not enough to become a professional cyclist. To give you a boost, it is strongly advised to follow a training course that will allow you to obtain a diploma and to carry out a parallel professional project. Among the training courses that will help you realize your sports project, we can mention, among others, the STAPS license, or the professional diploma of youth, popular education and sport (BPJEPS).

It is also useful to consider possible career changes in the sports world. To do this, ask yourself the question of your post-career as a professional cyclist. Indeed, at the end of your career as a cyclist, you can continue in the sport as a coach, agent or sports educator.